Storing box and warehouse

Our warehouse is video-monitored and protected from the influence of weather. Your objects are stored in a stable metal box with padlock and seal. Qualified specialists move your storage box in the secured high bay warehouse. Should damage occur during manoeuvring despite extreme caution, our insurance comes into force.


We trust our staff 100% and are convinced you can do the same.

Easy Storage is a family-run company, and our relationship of trust with our employees is correspondingly as family.


You are insured for any damage to your items. Damage that we should incur during transport or the storage process despite all precautions is insured.

We offer insurance for private or business customers.

As a private person with household contents insurance, you are covered by your insurance for the first three months and then you switch to ours. This includes natural hazards, such as fire, tap water damage, burglary and natural forces (storm/hail), as well as damage caused by us.