Store and dissolve …

There are two ways to store and outsource …

You bring us your items and store them.

We provide the storing box for you. You fill it with your items yourself.

This service is free of charge.

We pick up your items at your front door.

You have no transport possibilities?

We are happy to pick up your items packed in storage boxes at your front door, take over the transport and store them.


Extras for protection

Storage cartons
For optimum use of the storing box and prevention of damage due to unstable storage.

Note: Please do not use your own cartons.

Bubble wrap
We offer bubble wrap to protect your objects from cracks and scratches.

Packing aid

We help you to pack your objects in your home. We then place them in our storage cartons or in the loose storage box, as required.

Note: Here, of course, you are insured.

In the area of 15 km and more …

… we offer our pick-up service.

In the surrounding area of 15 km we offer our pick-up service at a fixed price.
Further distances are calculated per kilometre.

Click here to check prices

Would you like to open to your box?

Free once a month!

Tell us your desired time one day in advance and also if you need help. You will be able to access your objects undisturbed for an entire hour.

We are also here for you on Saturdays …

… and are ready to help and advise you at the desired time.

Please contact us by telephone to make an appointment.

Of course, appointments outside our opening hours are possible for an extra charge.

Opening hours
mo - fr 8:00 - 17:00
sa 9:00 - 17:00
everything else on request

Individual Services

We offer individual services according to your wishes. Please ask!