What can I pack?


per storage box

Easy Storage Cartons

One storing box contains a total of 8 of our storage cartons with the approximate dimensions 52 x 35 x 33 cm. The storage box is designed for 400 kg.

Here are a few examples of what amount they can store with us.


Over 1000 records

You can expect approx. 130 LPs per storage carton. With over 1000 LPs you have more than enough space to store your loved items.

60 thick document folders

Per storage carton we offer space for more than 7 thick or 14 thin files. So you can store them with us without any worries.


Any further questions?

You will certainly find your answers in our FAQ.

Otherwise call us on 06173 93 77 0 or write to us via the contact form.


Are there any prohibited items?

The Following Items are excluded from Storage:

  • Fire or explosive or radiant, poisonous, corrosive or foul-smelling or even such Goods, which Fear disadvantages for the Warehouse and/or For other Storage goods and persons
  • Goods exposed to rapid Spoilage or Rot
  • Goods that-such as Food-are suitable for attracting Vermin
  • Objects of extraordinary value such as precious metals, jewellery, jewels, precious stones, money, stamps, coins, securities of any kind, documents, deeds, data carriers, art objects, real carpets, antiques, collector’s items.
  • Living Animals or Plants